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Vailtree’s expansive 12,000+ sq. ft., completely indoor space, includes our Ballroom, Garden Room, with 3 interconnecting rooms—The Hummingbird, The Bluebird, and The Bella.  Personal preferences play a big part when planning your event!  We include a Floor Plan Meeting of up to 2 hours of consulting time with many of our bookings to personalize your space layout!  Understanding that event day can be stressful, we help to alleviate that stress by allowing up to 8 hours of decorating time on the day before for most social gatherings!  Our 2-day weekend rental schedule for weddings and large family celebrations makes us stand out in the crowd of venues available in the area! We will have your layout set up and ready to go when you come to decorate. Dress It Up!  Dress It Down!  The decorating is up to you, allowing your day to be a reflection of your personal style!  Following your event, we allow for you to pack up your items as we break down the tables and chairs, preparing the space for our commercial cleaners.

Business gatherings have come to appreciate the large, 6,000 sq. ft. Ballroom to start off their meeting days.  Our additional rooms allow for breakout spaces throughout the day to shift in to as needed!  Accommodating the needs of the specific business meetings by including snack and catered meal options, projector and screen, and specialty table arrangements are a few of the details we provide!

Our Guest Lounge and Guest Suite are perfect areas for wedding party prep time, guest speaker preparation, entertainment breaks, and additional private meeting spaces.  Our Service Kitchen allows the caterers to be centrally located with plenty of service prep space to work from!  We do include commercial cleaners after every event to keep our space clean and ready for the next gathering.  A facility management team is on site throughout your event to lend “behind the scenes” assistance.  We do employ security officers for a variety of our events to be on hand, prepared for any emergencies should they arise.  Most importantly, our facility coordinator will be available to work with your point person for any needs leading up to and throughout your event!

Click to view our floor plans below:

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