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Familiar Faces

Look for one of our familiar faces assisting your event! We are always here to be of service to you to make your event run smoothly and be the best experience possible for you and your guests!

Marie Vailati is the Owner of Vailtree. She and her husband Tony have resided and owned businesses in Alamance County for over 30 years. Marie is dedicated to the community in which she lives and is glad to provide an elegant space in which people can make happy memories. Standing on a firm foundation based on top-notch customer service, Marie approaches each event as if it were her own, giving attention to each detail to make it the best for every client!

Left to right: Robin Willis, Office Manager and Event Planner/Coordinator; Marianne Harrington, Hospitality Specialist; Ben Modlin, Facility and Security Specialist; and Marie Vailati, Owner and Event Planner/Coordinator.

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